Upcoming Short Courses 2021-2022

Below are brief descriptions of the upcoming Short Courses that Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia plans to deliver in the financial year 2021-2022.

Short Course providers will be selected through a tender process, which will be announced on this website and the Australian Government’s website, AusConnect

All Short Courses address specified learning outcomes and are delivered by an approved Australian Higher Education provider or an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia program encourages tendering institutions to explore partnerships with organisations in the South Asia region, where appropriate.

Request for tender is now open!

Close: 2 Feb 2022

This Short Course will examine the role of social media in the radicalisation process and explore evidence based initiatives to counter online threats. Participants will be encouraged to develop strategies to deploy counter-narratives, and to implement activities that could reduce the effectiveness of radicalising elements operating within the social media networks of local communities.

Cohort: Up to 20 Government of Bangladesh’s (GoB) officials in middle and senior ranking positions.

Mode: Online /Bangladesh OR Australia

Request for tender is now open!

Close: 7 Feb 2022

This Short Course increase the competency of Participants in building cyber resilience within an organisation positioning Participants to:

– Better understand the profound influences of new technologies

– Appreciate the main policy dilemmas emerging in the exploitation of the new technologies

– Assess Bangladesh’s cyber security relative to the region and globally, and

– Undertake critical analysis of Bangladesh’s cyber security issues and develop strategies to mitigate risks.

Cohort: Up to 20 GoB officials in middle and senior ranking positions.

Mode: Online/Bangladesh OR Australia

Open: Dec 2021

Close: Feb 2022

Using examples, strategies and tools that have been used by international and Australian agencies on the use of data, including big data this Short Course will strengthen the capacity of governments in producing, analysing and using data to inform policy decisions.

Cohort: Up to 25 middle managers/emerging leaders from South Asia and Mongolia who hold strategic roles in policy development in their respective agencies.

Mode: Online/in Australia OR the region