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Scholars engage in Aboriginal cultural awareness training

Posted: 25 March 2020

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Australia Awards scholars from South and West Asia who are living in Adelaide had the opportunity recently to attend Aboriginal cultural awareness and sensitivity training.

Around 20 people participated in the training, including eight Australia Awards scholars, on 21 January at Scope Global’s Adelaide premises. The 4-hour training was facilitated by Haydyn Bromley of Bookabee Australia and organised by Australia Awards – South and West Asia. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade South Australian State Office representatives Elizabeth Day (Director) and Erin Leggat (Deputy Director) opened and attended the event.

Haydyn Bromley, Bookabee Australia, facilitating Aboriginal cultural awareness training for Australia Awards scholars in Adelaide

Haydyn Bromley from Bookabee Australia facilitating Aboriginal cultural awareness and sensitivity training for Australia Awards scholars in Adelaide

Australia Awards scholar from Sri Lanka, Prabhath Wijewarnasuriya, attended the training. “The training was a valuable opportunity to enhance our understanding of Aboriginal culture, which truly enriched our experience in Australia. The program, which was really inspiring, prompted me to do further research on the Aboriginal people of Australia,” Prabhath reflected.

Prabhath also attended the festivities on Australia Day with his wife and young son. “I went to the cultural show and met Haydyn again,” Prabhath said. “I saw the diversity of the Aboriginal community in Adelaide and their beautiful cultural practices and handicrafts. All these experiences were amazing, and I thank Australia Awards for giving us this valuable opportunity.”

Australia Awards scholars Nilanga Samarawickrama, Preeti Maharjan, and Poonam Mohtey participating in the training


About Haydyn Bromley

Haydyn Bromley is the Executive Director and Chief Cultural Tour Mentor at Bookabee Australia. He is a trained teacher with over 30 years of experience in education and training. Haydyn has also worked in the areas of social justice and industrial rights. He has held many leadership positions, including national and international roles. In the past few years, Haydyn has been conducting cultural awareness seminars, as well as guest lectures at universities in Adelaide. Haydyn enjoys sharing his extensive cultural knowledge and personal experiences.